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January 5


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Germany x Reader: My New Year's Resolution

  It was cold this December night. Snow was falling all around you as you made your way to your friend Ludwig's house. He invited you to a New Year's party at his place a few days ago, and now you were trudging through five inch snow in 25 degrees Fahrenheit weather just to get there, but you didn't mind, because you would get to see your blonde haired German friend.

  You and Ludwig have been friends for a while now, and over the time you developed a huge crush on the German. You just couldn't help it!

  You soon made it to the front door, and you knocked on it lightly. The door swung open, and there stood your blue eyed friend. You both stood there, staring at each other. You first gazed at his face, a serious look, but a dusty pink was beginning to appear upon his face. Some strands of his beautiful blonde hair was out of place, but that just made your face grow hot and your heart beat faster.

 "_-____..." Ludwig said, "it's nice to see you. B-Bitte, come in, you must be kalt."

  You were surprised Ludwig was stuttering, but as the muscular German stepped aside to let you in you gave him a smile and stepped inside.

 "Thank you." You said to him.

 Ludwig returned the smile, closing the door behind the both of you to keep the cold out.

 "You're velcome." Ludwig replied.

 Suddenly, Feliciano came up and hugged you, wine in one hand.

 "Ve!~ _____ ," Feli said, "it's-a so good to see you!"

 "Hey Feli," you said cheerfully, returning the hug, "how've you been?"

 "Bueno, bella!~" Feli said.

 You laughed a little and let go of Feli, and he ran off to tell the others of your arrival. You looked back at Ludwig to see him glaring menacingly at Feli, and Ludwig looked jealous.

 "Ludwig, you okay?" You asked. Though you have been friends for a long time, you could never find a nickname for Ludwig.

 "I-I'm fine," Ludwig said, closing his eyes slightly, but a scowl remained on his face, "go ahead und have some fun mein lie- I-I mean friend..."

 You noticed Ludwig stopped himself from saying something, but you decided not to ask since the German looked embarrassed now.

 "Okay," you said, "are you coming?"

 "I vill in a second," Ludwig answered, "I just need a moment."

 You then felt like hugging your friend/crush and maybe stroke some of his blonde strands, but instead you lightly rested a hand on his shoulder. Ludwig gave you an appreciative glance before you slipped your hand off his shoulder and went to join the others. Elizabeta left a seat for you to sit next to her since you two are the only girls at this party, but you didn't mind because you enjoyed everyone's company.

 "I can't wait until midnight," Elizabeta said with an excited tone, "because it will be the New Year, and I'll be able to put my resolution into action!"

 "What's your resolution?" You asked Elizabeta.

 "To hit Gilbert less," Elizabeta replied, "what's yours, ______?"

 You then realized you hadn't thought of a resolution. It hand't once crossed your mind.

 "I...don't have a resolution," you confessed, "it hadn't really came to mind because I've been so busy lately."

 "You better think of one quick," Elizabeta told you, "midnight's an hour away."

 You looked at the clock. 11:00 pm. You started to think of a resolution for the New Year when you suddenly felt someone sit beside you. You blushed a scarlet red when you felt Ludwig's muscular arm pressing against yours, and you couldn't help but love how smooth his skin is. You then had the urge to ask Ludwig what his resolution is, but before you could ask, Gilbert stood up.

 "Time to share resolutions," he shouted, "I'll go first. Mine is to continue being awesome!"

 You held back an annoyed sigh, but you sat up to listen to the other's resolutions.

 "I want to make more pasta!" Feli said proudly.

 "I wish to eat just a rittre ress of sarty tuna." Kiku said.

 Soon, everyone but you and Ludwig said their resolutions.

 "Vhat's your resolution, Vest?" Gilbert asked Ludwig.

 Ludwig sighed. "Mein resolution...i-is to finally confess mein feelings to someone." Ludwig said, and you could have sworn you saw him glance at you as he said that. Your face burned a light shade of red just by Ludwig looking at you with those beautiful ice blue eyes, and you kept staring at Ludwig until Gilbert interrupted your thoughts.

 "______, what's your resolution for the New Year?" Gilbert asked you.

 "M-Me," you said, "I-I...don't really have a resolution."

 Gilbert, Feli and some others ( excluding Ludwig ) looked shocked.

 "______, you still haven't thought of a resolution?" Elizabeta asked.

 You shook your head.

 "It's-a 15 minutes until midnight," Feli said, "you better think quick!"

 After sharing resolutions, everyone went back to talking among themselves. You were about to get up to get a glass of water, when suddenly you felt a large hand grab yours. You turned to see Ludwig, his face burning red.

 "_-_____," he said, "c-can I talk to you for a second?"

 You nodded, but you felt your face grow hot as Ludwig led you away from the others. Once you both were far away enough from the others, Ludwig turned to you and rested his hands on your small shoulders.

"_____," Ludwig started, "I've alvays vanted to tell you somezhing, but I never had zhe courage to say it...until now."

 Both of your faces turned scarlet as Ludwig leaned in, his blue eyes gazing into your (e/c) orbs.

 "I-Ich leibe dich." Ludwig said softly, reaching a hand to your cheek, then giving you a passionate kiss. Your eyes widened immediately. You never expected this to happen, but you found yourself fluttering your eyes shut and kissing him passionately back. You ran your hand through his blonde locks, messing up his perfectly groomed hair in the process. During your passionate kiss, Ludwig slipped his arms down to your waist and pulled you close, his arms wrapping around your waist as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

 As you two passionately kissed, midnight came, and soon you knew what your New Year's resolution is...Ludwig.

 "I love you too."  
Yes, FINALLY!!! :iconfinallyplz: I wrote a fan fiction! I hope you all enjoy this, and I'm sorry if it isn't that good or that long...I am new to this after all. DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own any of Hetalia! All characters go to their rightful owners, and none of this is real, it's a fan fiction after all XD This is purely for entertainment only.~ 
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